• AIp073

"Korean skin"

239.00 SAR

You've surely noticed before the beauty of a Korean girl's skin! Who among us has not noticed?
So we present to you this box that contains only Korean products specialized in skin care to help you obtain one of the secrets of Korean skin beauty.
Its ingredients:
- 3 metallic foil peeling masks (golden - Silver-Rose Gold) from Masque BAR to purify, nourish and moisturize your skin to make it smooth, brighter and fresh.
- 6 Charcoal Nose Patches from Masque BAR to clean and open the nose pores and remove blackheads.
- Pure Gold Under Eye Mask from Masque BAR to improve skin elasticity and hydration.
- Masque BAR Gold Peel-off Mask Tube with Charcoal to remove impurities, clean pores and give the skin a lively and radiant look.
- 2 Masks for lips (Cherry - Blueberry) from Masque BAR to soften and smoothen Moisturizing your lips
- 2 Lip Balm Glosses (Red - Pink) from the Flickable brand that feature a candy-shaped box design.
- A headband from Delete makeup in order not to disturb your hair during application.

br>Pamper yourself with this box or gift it to a loved one.