Argan Oil 250ml + Argan oil filling brush

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Moroccan Argan oil is rich in many benefits for both your hair and skin. it Comes with a brush as a gift that allows you to fill the argan oil inside its package, for the best control of the flow of oil and its distribution throughout the hair.

Some of the benefits of argan oil for hair:
- It is used as a natural conditioner for hair and works to - soften it, increase its consistency and add luster to it.
- It gives hair both thickness and length and helps promote its
- Works to treat damaged hair, reduce hair loss, get rid of split ends, and control frizz.
- It works to protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun,
nourish the scalp and get rid of dandruff.
- It contributes to moisturizing the scalp and hair, treats dry hair and gives it a lively and healthy appearance

Some of the skin benefits of argan oil:
- Contributes to smoothing the skin of the body.
- Works to moisturize the skin of the face, and give it freshness.
- Works on glowing skin when mixed with foundation
- Helps to delay the appearance of early signs of aging on the face, and get rid of small wrinkles
- Works to clean and moisturize the skin.
- It softens and moisturizes the elbows, knees, heels and legs.

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